All Saints Episcopal Church - Salt Lake City

Living Intentionally to Uphold and Cultivate the Dignity of All


All Saints is a community of faith that proclaims the Word of God and the love of Christ by:

  1. being a caring, inclusive, and progressive Christian community within the Episcopal tradition

  2. extending ourselves, our resources and our passions to the wider community and each other

  3. enriching life through education, spiritual development and fellowship

  4. providing a place for community service and spiritual sanctuary.

  Whether you are a casual visitor, looking for a spiritual
  home, or a member of All Saints, this website is for you. 

  On the pages that follow you will find a wealth of
  information designed to answer a variety of questions.

  Please explore this site and we hope you will come and
  see us in person too.



1710 Foothill Drive | Salt Lake City, UT | 84108 • (801) 581-0380 •

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Regular Sunday 

8:00 am Worship - Holy Eucharist
8:50 am Fellowship Time
Sunday School, Youth Group, Adult Education, and Choir are off for the Summer, will start again in September.
10:00 am Worship - Holy Eucharist
Childcare available from 9:45 - 11:45 
11:15 am Fellowship Time
2:00 pm - Sudanese Community
7:00 pm - Taizé Vespers (2nd Sunday)
         (June 12 is the last of this season,      
                will begin again in September)

7:00 pm - Evening Prayer/Communion
     (3rd Sunday)  (Starts n in September)

Jesus Welcomed All,
        So Do We!

All Saints Episcopal Church

(above top) Utah Pride, 2016

(above bottom) Taize Vespers, 2016

(right top) Festival of Faith, 2016

(right bottom) About 1965