Taizé Vespers

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Taizé: 1940…2014…now

Taizé is the name of a small village in the eastern part of France.

Since 1940, it has been the home of a community of Christians from many denominations whose worship is at the center of their life. Over the years, this ecumenical community at Taizé has become a place to which visitors of all ages and backgrounds come on pilgrimage to participate in gatherings of worship and prayer. For more information, you may visit their website: www.taize.fr/

Since 2014, All Saints has been offering Taizé Vespers (an evening worship service) based on the worship developed and used at the Taizé community. It is a meditative, music-filled liturgy with songs from Taizé, scripture or other readings, and time for silence and prayer.

From September through May, Taizé Vespers is offered on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 7:00pm. Upcoming schedule:

  • 10 March 2019

  • 14 April 2019 (Palm Sunday)

  • 5 May 2019 (rescheduled for Mother’s Day)

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