Centering Prayer


Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer that prepares us to experience God's presence within ourselves and in our lives. Participants often use a single word or phrase, repeated silently, to help them in this practice. A session of Centering Prayer is called a “sit”.

Our Centering Prayer Group meets each Wednesday evening at 7 pm. On the first Wednesday of each month we enjoy a 20-minute sit, a short meditation walk, a second sit, and then we leave in silence.

On the other evenings, we follow a single sit with a discussion that usually focuses on a book or video related to Centering Prayer and meditation by Thomas Keating and others. We plan annual spring weekend retreats as well as one-day fall retreats to focus on prayer, the spiritual life, and connecting our prayer to everyday life.

We meet in the sanctuary (enter the big red doors on the east side of the church). Please note the church doors are locked at five minutes after 7 pm to avoid interruption of our prayer and meditation. We do not meet the weeks of Christmas, New Years, Ash Wednesday or Easter.

We Welcome newcomers and encourage everyone to choose their own level of involvement. You may choose to come for the sits only.